Every dish tells a story

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Foodies Festival Edinburgh 2012

On Sunday, I visited the Foodies Festival, held in Edinburgh’s Inverleith Park, not far from where I live. I persuaded my partner Neil to come with me and, in the afternoon, we had a leisurely 10 minute stroll up to the park. The festival was crowded […]

Strapatsada and Greek Omelette

This very colourful omelette was served to me in Cyprus as the Greek dish strapatsada. Not knowing any better, I cooked it and called it by that name for years until I discovered that the only ingredients they both have in common are tomatoes, eggs and olive oil.

Cracked Green Olives

Photograph by Moira Beaton


Love them or hate them, in the Middle East and Cyprus, they appear on the table at practically every meal.

I can’t remember when I first tasted olives, but I know I didn’t like them. The first ones I tried were small, black and bitter. I thought all olives would taste the same and decided that I would never eat them. That changed when I knew that I was going to be living in the Middle East.