We’re Talking About Food Again


Two years ago, I began writing this blog.

I thought it would be easy – a few recipes, a few photographs, a few stories and away we go. But life has a habit of getting in the way, and that’s what happened. I allowed myself to be distracted by other, more pressing things  and although I posted sporadically, I was always in a hurry.

Eventually, I had to make a choice and that was to either close down the blog completely or get back online. Frankly, I felt stuck. I couldn’t contemplate doing all the work again but the blog wouldn’t let me go.

So, with a newer, fresher design, a new logo, a more secure platform, the blog is back.

I couldn’t have done it without the support of my sons, my partner, friends and the 3 people who listen to me every month and keep me accountable for carrying out my projects, including this one (you all know who you are – thank you.)

My main reason for setting up this blog was to kickstart  a memoir about my experiences living in the Middle East and Cyprus, sharing stories and recipes from the countries  where I lived. But, I can’t ignore the experiences I’ve had since I returned to Scotland, the places I’ve been or the food I cook now.

So, against everything I’ve read about having to have a ‘niche’ and positioning yourself as an ‘expert’ in your field, I’m just going to write. I hope it strikes a chord with some people out there in the virtual world and in the real world.

On a recent holiday on the stunning Isle of Skye in Scotland with my partner, my two sons and their partners, the conversation sooner or later always turned to food. We had rented a huge house and when we weren’t sampling the local, freshly caught seafood, we were cooking and ‘talking about food again’. And as everyone is an enthusiastic and accomplished cook, I have asked them to share their recipes on this blog.

Meanwhile, I made a lazy Sunday lunch. I love bruschetta and it’s the perfect food when you don’t have much time or  don’t want to put in much effort. It’s also a good way of using what you have to hand. This is a quick recipe for

Roast Mediterranean Veg Topped With Grilled Halloumi

Ingredients 0.00 (2 Servings)

  • thick slices of sourdough bread 2
  • olive oil ....
  • clove of galic 2
  • leftover roast veg ....
  • halloumi slices 4-6 ....



  1. Lightly toast both slices of bread and keep warm
  2. Then grill or fry the halloumi slices until golden – should only take a few minutes
  3. Rub the garlic over the warm bread – it’s usually easier to split the clove in two to do this – and drizzle them with about 2 teaspoons of olive oil or more, if you like
  4. Top with the roasted veg.
  5. Place the grilled halloumi on top
  6. Eat immediately or the halloumi will become rubbery

Eat and enjoy, and in the months to come, I’m looking forward to our  ‘talking about food again’.


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