Every dish tells a story

Month: April 2012

Spicy Nutty Rice with Prawns In Coriander and Garlic

I often make this dish on a Sunday evening when the weekend is winding down and I don’t want to spend more than about half an hour in the kitchen cooking.  It’s also easy to prepare because the ingredients are ones I usually have in the cupboard, apart from the prawns, but I usually have a […]

Organic Veg Box on Earth Day

As it’s Earth Day today, it seems a good opportunity to talk about my organic veg box.  Every Thursday, I put the empty one outside the front door and a few hours later I open the door and, as if by magic, it’s full of fresh veg, herbs, salad greens […]

Cracked Green Olives

Photograph by Moira Beaton


Love them or hate them, in the Middle East and Cyprus, they appear on the table at practically every meal.

I can’t remember when I first tasted olives, but I know I didn’t like them. The first ones I tried were small, black and bitter. I thought all olives would taste the same and decided that I would never eat them. That changed when I knew that I was going to be living in the Middle East.