Every dish tells a story


I’m Moira Beaton. I live in Edinburgh and I’m a freelance writer, speaker, speaker’s coach and former lawyer, with a passion for food.

What’s this blog about?

It’s about the recipes I have collected over 25 years living in the Middle East and Cyprus and the food I cook today. It’s about simple, healthy, tasty food that doesn’t take hours to prepare and is based, much of the time, on the spices and flavours of the Middle East and Cyprus. I like to cook with fresh, local ingredients as much as possible, and although this isn’t a completely vegetarian blog, I cook a lot of dishes based on vegetables and grains.

Why a blog?

Food is an excellent communication tool as it’s a subject everyone can talk about, even if you don’t speak the other person’s language. Also, in the Middle East and Cyprus, everyone has an opinion on how to cook a particular dish even if it’s something as simple as boiled beans and olive oil. A blog seems to me a wonderful way to share recipes and experiences with everyone.

Why ‘talking about food again’?

My two sons share my passion for food and whenever they come to visit, we cook and eat and talk about food, again and again. My partner takes part in the discussion by stoically eating the results.

What do you do when you’re not cooking or writing this blog?

I like to walk, especially around Edinburgh.  I have a terrible sense of direction and frequently get lost. This isn’t as bad as it sounds as, over the years, I’ve discovered lots of food shops and cafes I never knew existed.  And it’s into those cafes and teashops I go, sit, drink tea and eat scones whilst I try and figure out where I am. Well, that’s my excuse anyway. I read, travel, spend far too long checking my emails and I have an unhealthy addiction to crime dramas. Also, I’m a freelance writer, speaker’s coach, and speaker at www.moirambeaton.com

If you would like to know more about this blog or my food travels, go to My Journey

I hope you enjoy  ‘talking about food again’ and keep the discussion going by adding your comments.