Every dish tells a story

Food Connects Us

Someone asked me recently what was one thing I remember about living in the Middle East and Cyprus.

I told him it was food.

Not just the food I ate but the way in which food was used to communicate, to show hospitality; in the way visitors were treated as honoured guests; no-one was ever turned away and no-one was ever too busy to talk because they were having their meal.

Everyone was welcome and in fact, you had to be careful not to arrive near mealtimes as you would then find yourself sitting down with the family to eat whether you liked it or not.

Even going into a shop or visiting someone in their office was an opportunity to stop for coffee and to chat for a while.

Food was never seen as a means to just satisfy the appetite. It was used to communicate, to connect and as Penny De Los Santos, food and travel photographer, explains in the video below, ‘helps us find a common language’ even in the most trying or dangerous times.

This TEDx video is only about 11 minutes long and she talks about photography as ‘capturing human moments’.  She is also a very effective storyteller and she shares several stories in the video.

If you are a photographer, and even if you’re not, make yourself a cup of coffee, sit down and just enjoy this video.  And I’d love to know your thoughts on it in the comments box below.

Penny De Los Santos